Bradby & Kandy

Hey y'all :)

I'm back after a wonderful rejuvenating weekend in Kandy and again I'm back to the same old stuff I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. It was literally like life is in a roller-coaster. I was shouting my lungs out in a moment and now I'm back to the quiet and peaceful life style of mine again :)

Oh yes the Bradby... Unlike old times all the friends are scattered all over the place now. Me and Ronnie initiated the trip to Kandy from Colombo and had to pick Indika from Yakkala and the other one Mr. Kulasekara was stuck on the road for 6 hours and somehow managed to sneak into the Bogambara Grounds to watch the second half of the Bradby. Apparently I got the chance to sit next to a shorty (plus she was hot) in the bus and Ronnie and Indika has cracked jokes behind my back (literally as they were on the next seat behind me and shorty) and guess what I didn't hear a thing as I my ears were filled with some heavy metallic noises. When I asked about the jokes they never responded to me but I saw it in their eyes and Indika would have cracked a whole bunch of them as she was just his height :P and I believe so hahaha :D

Considering the fact that Royal went to half time having a score of 20-8 Trinity came back really well to finish off the Bradby 1st leg 33-25 in the favour of Royal. We scored within the first minute of the game and kicking was just fantastic and fabulous from Arshad Jamaldeen. He only missed 2 conversions and both weren't from much :) As this was a high scoring encounter we look forward for another one in which Royal kicks some lions ass back in Colombo as well. After the wonderful game of Rugby Sunera spotted a one of the greatest legends Royal has produced. And guess what we were so damn lucky to fit inside photograph with him as well and I can say that this was the only picture I have from Bradby 2011 1st Leg as all the other snaps were taken by two drunk heads :P

You wanna see the photograph? I have to Thank Indika for a buying a phone which has a reasonable camera coz non of others did :P We almost were victims of super fast technology :D And Thanks Sunera for the Upload :D

Enough said about the Bradby, Now it's time to lay off few of my thoughts about the city of Kandy. Firstly I wonder how is that possible Kandy is a place where the chick density is really high. I can assure you that this has no relationship of me being in University of Moratuwa :P If you stand still at the entrance or the exit of the City Centre you will be witnessing this and the pain of the neck has a direct relationship with this fact :P The Density of cute, sweet, pretty, hot and sexy girls in very much higher than the average :D Secondly all the girls who aren't with their boyfriends do smile with you when you smile :) Yes we all experiences that except Mr.Kulasekara who is already taken :P Thirdly No Pubs/Bars or Lunges are open till late night and they close at 11.00 all the time and none of the hotels/pubs has Dish Tv. So the plan of watching the Final of the Champions League was a disaster and the irony is that Manchester United has lost the game to 1-3 and If me and Sunera saw hat happening we would have ended up drunk over our skulls :P

After the dinner we walked from one hotel to another inquiring about the Champions League Final match and we ended up in the Hotel Souize and neither of us were regretting that moment till now though the end result was the same lolz. And ended up taking the hike to the hotel we were staying and where Sunera and Ronnie was discussing about Team performance and who is to to hired for the next season as they were the owners of Manchester United and Chelsea :P I was tweeting from my historic 2760 all the way enjoying the view of the lake :D

Gotta tell y'all - It was one hell of a time :D and wish all the gang could have be together though. Next time it will be a bit spiced up hopefully ;) and finally with majority we decided in schooling our children in Kandy one day :P

See you guys soon! Till then Cheers :D

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  1. welcome to the city of cutees and beauties :D glad you all have had a wonderful time here ;)