Introduction to Youth Fest 2011

Youth is our future; let’s inspire them to discover a leader within themselves to become a star in their area of passion!

Earth Dreams International, in collaboration with AIESEC in Sri Lanka and Junor Chamber International (JCI) Sri Lanka intends to organize the ‘Youth Fest 2011’, a Mega Youth Festival in Colombo on September 2011 with the objectives of;
  • o Youth empowerment
  • o Inspire individuals to identify their uniqueness
  • o Networking opportunities
  • o Broadening horizons
‘Youth Fest 2011’ is an attempt to encourage youth to learn, be inspired and create networks to pursue their fields of interest. Unlike Traditional Youth Conferences, ‘Youth Fest 2011’ will aim at creating a single platform for a very diverse group of young people from all around the country with the sessions and activities structured under very diverse themes such as Leadership,Entrepreneurship, Arts & Entertainment, Social responsibility & sports.

The youth present a viable solution for any country’s future. In fact youth not only demonstrate strong potential as future leaders, but as leaders and change-makers of today. It is the youth who will engage in reshaping the next decades, giving leadership to the positive changes that must take place if Sri Lanka is to achieve a sustainable peace and economic growth.

We are a bold movement that aims to restore this ‘youth voice’ by showing young people a ‘World of possibilities’ and guide them to unlock their true potential in spite of the background, Religion, Nationality or any other differences. Named as ‘Youth Fest 2011’, this event will target young people across the country and will be an ideal opportunity to find the destiny which is best suited for each of them.

*This is an extract from the concept paper of Youth Fest 2011.

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