Youth Fest Sri Lanka 2011

Sri Lankan Youth will get a rare opportunity to interact, learn and share experiences with their counter parts from Asia and Europe very soon in an intense learning based festival planned to be held in Sri Lanka in August 2011.

Titled as Youth Fest Sri Lanka 2011, this will be an event comprising of all elements of experiential learning. The overall objective of the festival is to inspire the youth today to reach their collective and individual aspirations. The event is organized during a time where Sri Lanka emerges from a 30 year battle against terrorism and aspires to become the miracle of Asia. The Youth will play a key role in this journey and for them to be linked with other youth around the world, understand the world wide thinking is will create greater opportunities and avenues to pursue their dreams. Even for the youth expected to attend the event from other countries the event will provide a great opportunity to learn on the new trends shaping the world, how to adjust and align to live ones dream.

This will be the first time such an event will be held in Sri Lanka where youth from all corners of Sri Lanka will get the opportunity to interact with youth from different countries(mainly from Asia and Europe). The event will provide a platform to learn and be inspired from the experiences of world’s leading entrepreneurs, social leaders, politicians, artists, sports personalities and professionals to connect and network through competitions, discussion groups, adventure activities, idea sharing and innovative processes, learning sessions, talent competition on business models, fun events, musical shows, cultural events networking sessions etc. Three full days of action will take places at the MAS Institute of Management and Technology in Thulhiriya a state of the art modern facility to hold such events. The event is open for 500 resident participants and 3000 walk in delegates.

Commenting on as to why such an event is planned in Sri Lanka the Director of Earth Dreams International Damitha Samarakoon stated that “The youth in Sri Lanka and around the globe as highly changing and challenging living environments impose a great pressure on young people to find their path in the society, most of them in the end become mere followers of mass trends instead of reaching to their dreams. In the context of Sri Lanka this has become ever so more relevant as the country aspires to become the next miracle of Asia. The younger generation should be equipped with what it takes to fulfil their dreams materialistically and spiritually, an event of this nature will provide an ideal platform to open up avenues and develop networks for the youth to make that change required”.

Youth Fest Sri Lanka 2011is jointly organized by Earth Dreams International, AIESEC in Sri Lanka and Junior Chamber International(JCI) Sri Lanka chapter. The 3 partners have one of the largest youth networks in the world ranging from higher education sector to the business world and conducts similar events elsewhere in the world. In fact AIESEC in Sri Lanka held the largest ever youth congress to be held in Sri Lanka way back in 1995 with the participation of 500 delegates from over 80 countries.

Many other leading institutions, government ministries and corporate entities are expected to partner in the event. The organizers are seeking the support of various partners and sponsors to make this event a successful calendar event in Sri Lanka.

By Sujeewa Thennakoon

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