Love and it's pace

Hey y'all,

Let me start the post with a quite unexpected news! Even though we were supposed to stat the first day of the last semester of our university life as undergraduates seems that all the academics has been canceled. This sure ain't a good news as it could have been one year back :D

I was talking few of my friends and kept receiving some surprising news or rather updates from all of them and most of them was quite shocking and gave me goosebumps as well. And yeah most of them was about relationships and it's quite astonishing and amazing what this little four letter word can do to people. And I thought of share something of value here today.

I sneaked a peak an youtube video on one of my friends facebook wall and the title seemed really interesting rather the word intriguing so I checked it out! Guys I gotta tell you it was an priceless feeling which I really can't explain :) The title was Strangers, Again. This is the video just have a look specially if you are person who's heartbroken and failed in a relationship and reflect :) You see so many familiar things!

I personally have a heap of things to share about the factor of pace of the love. But I rather not because some people might feel offended. So I'm gonna leave ir here! :)

Cheers and hope for another post on this matter soon :D

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