Journey thus far

Hello peeps.

How are you guys living? Living the dream eh? Lucky y'all I must say. Right now I'm sitting in a clinic ogling at the other people/patients who are here to take medicine. I was sick and dead sick for like 3-4 weeks so life was so not what I expected. And the most worst thing of all was that I recovered quite a few times from this but then again fell ill cox of no proper rest. So clearly a #FML situation. I hope to recover completely at least this time.

I must add the fact that this period of time was wonderful as well. In simple words I fell in love again and that's one thing which kept me strong in a tough give like this. So can't say that life wasn't unfair to me. But it was generous enough to point me in the correct path yet again and made my bad luck go away at least for a while. I took out something really heavy out of my heart and I admit it felt really nice. :-) I had time to regain myself from my past as if I was in a deep sleep and it does feel good to be back. :-)

It's time to make things my way start doing things my way.

And have to run now as my number is up!

Good day fellas :-)

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  1. fell in love again? that is news to make me happy.

    and get well soon buddy!